Chiles Rellenos

Here’s another recipe that comes from my mom. Most places will bread them or deep fry them, so I don’t really get to have these unless I visit home. I’ve loved them my entire life and, this weekend, I took my mom’s challenge and made them for the first time. Continue reading


Vegetarian Street Tacos

This is a spin on a standard street taco, except I’ve substituted the meat for mushrooms and a bell pepper. This is another one of those dishes that you could easily add pork or beef to if you’re not interested in keeping it vegetarian. Conversely, you could drop the cheese and make this a vegan street taco. Continue reading

Black Eyed Peas with Chard & Leeks

This one comes courtesy of my Chromecast which, when not magically presenting the latest season of The Walking Dead, rotates through images from NASA and various food blogs. If not for the high definition image of this beautiful dish, I would have never gone looking for a recipe involving black eyed peas – easily my least liked legume (and hip hop group).  Continue reading

Lazy Sunday

My Sundays are usually reserved for roleplaying. I’m part of a couple groups that alternate Sundays, so they’re almost always booked. My girlfriend uses that time to relax and catch up on any TV shows she’s into. Her and Jake usually spend the day sleeping in and watching Netflix in bed while I’m out and about. However, because of a schedule change at work, one of my friends can’t make our game today. In fact, our Werewolf Skype game appears to be on an indefinite hiatus – leaving my Sunday wide open. Continue reading