A Minor Migration

After trying Squarespace out for a year, I’m coming to WordPress. Continue reading


Pretty Lights @ Red Rocks

I keep telling people that I want to live in a version of Austin where the weather is nice. Austin has a unique enough vibe that I assumed a nicer-weather version didn’t exist. That is, until Callie and I went to Colorado. Continue reading

#Love Wins

Another layer of an intolerance that has no place on this planet was stripped away this week. Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy’s words punctuated the moment with such beautiful eloquence that I was compelled to clumsily cram them into a wallpaper. Continue reading

Lazy Sunday

My Sundays are usually reserved for roleplaying. I’m part of a couple groups that alternate Sundays, so they’re almost always booked. My girlfriend uses that time to relax and catch up on any TV shows she’s into. Her and Jake usually spend the day sleeping in and watching Netflix in bed while I’m out and about. However, because of a schedule change at work, one of my friends can’t make our game today. In fact, our Werewolf Skype game appears to be on an indefinite hiatus – leaving my Sunday wide open. Continue reading